Friday, 13 July 2012

Unillustrated Pieday

I still lack the capability to put photos up here so this is going to be a rather  boring blog, though certainly better than the "Pictures of Home Ed " post I had planned for this week.

We made a Spinach and Ricotta Pie
I had high hopes for this as a sort of quichely variant on the Spanokopitta, the results were a little on the soggy side, I suspect because we used too small and deep a pan: if in doubt err on the big and shallow side.


Whatever pastry you want: the recipe we used called for layered filo, we used puff, you can pretty much go with whatever you feel like making
Three eggs, beaten.
A tub of ricotta
Some tomatoes (sunblush or halved cherry)
A medium bag of spinach
A spring onion (unless you don't like them)
A little peccorino romano

Line a quiche tin, or similar vessel, with the pastry and prick it with a fork

Mix the eggs with the ricotta, stir in the spinach, chop and add the spring onion.

Splodge this into the lined tin.

Grate the peccorino romano and sprinkle it on top, decorate with the tomatoes (cut side up if you're using cherry ones).

Put it into the oven at your usual pie-cooking temperature for twenty five minutes.

Take it out, leave it for five minutes or so, and serve, hopefully less messily than we did.

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