Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy new year!
One of the local schools called and said we’d had a place reserved for Ellie at their nursery but we confirmed we were home educating.
Ellie is now referring to her little work books as her “home school” and gets quite upset if she doesn’t do something at least once a day.
Ellie reading to Phoebe and Grandad
Ellie reading to Phoebe and Grandad Wilson
Her reading is coming along well. If she tries then she can read basic books, but mostly she just wants to be read to (by me anyway) but with some of her birthday money she bought a book for Phoebe (Cuddle by Beth Shoshan & Jaqueline East) and almost daily reads it to her.

Its obvious her memory is also improving as when she isn’t in the mood to read, she pouts if we choose a book “she doesn’t know”

In addition the wonderful Chiara and Morgan have sent her an additional present. Three of Chiara’s books from when she was young; L’Aria, L’Terra & L’Acqua leaving us no choice but to teach her Italian sooner than later….which also means I have to re-learn it… Madonna!