Friday, 2 August 2013

Inevitable Ice Cream Pieday

I convinced myself*.

Actually, the world seems to have righted itself once more and so our latest food-experiment, making coconut ice-cream via the salt-and-ice method failed spectacularly.
It even failed to freeze after I put it into the freezer**.
 So I feel the need to dwell lovingly on a happier time: a time when everything seemed to go right, a time when even ice cream wouldn't melt before we told it to.

In short:

We made Baked Alaska


Swiss roll (shop-bought or home-made)
Vanilla ice cream
Raspberries (about a punnet)
Four egg whites (use the eggs to make scrambled egg or something)
125 grams caster sugar.

Slice the swiss roll and use the slices to line a reasonably deep oven-proof bowl.
Try to prevent the smallest cook from putting pieces in her mouth.
Rejoice in your triumph over Smallest Cook.
Scatter raspberries over the bottom of the cake-lined bowl.
Realise you rejoiced too soon: Smallest Cook is now a fetching shade of scarlet and the rest of the raspberries are nowhere to be seen.
Fetch a flannel and wash Smallest Cook.

While holding Smallest Cook at bay with one hand, use the other to help Merely-Small Cook to fill the rest of the bowl with ice cream.
Smooth off the top with a spatula, cover with clingfilm and put the whole thing into the freezer for a few hours.

Go and play in the paddling pool

Just before you want to eat it whisk the egg whites till they form soft peaks, then gently fold in the sugar.
Turn on the oven to a highish setting (about 200 should do it).
Take the bowl out of the freezer, remove the clingfilm and cover with the meringue.
Put into the oven for five to ten minutes till the meringue is cooked and crisp on top.

Eat with an appropriate air of wonder.

*Ok, it has an outer shell, which is sort of crust-ish, it has a decidedly crusty lid, it has a filling.
I'll call it pie.

**Eventually it froze hard.
I cannot*** currently respond to rumours that it met its eventual fate via a blender, assorted ardent spirits and a curly straw.

***Because I don't want to.