Friday, 26 October 2012

Left-over Pieday

We made things.
This was meant to be a Malaysian Curry Puffs day: I saw a recipe on Ocado, I bought the ingredients**, we were all set.
Then I accidentally got a pot of vegetable curry with my shopping*.
I didn't want to just eat it, I didn't know what else to do with it, so obviously I decided to make a pie out of it.
 Well, pies really.

This is a good recipe to use if you have leftover curry, ours included rice, which actually worked very well, but leftover rice can be a difficult issue: use your own judgement on this.
Also, like the last one***, it's very quick, so it's handy if you need something for lunch in a hurry.

Left-over Curry Puffs

Left-over curry (with or without rice)
Puff pastry (ready rolled unless you have plenty of time)
Mango Chutney
A little milk

Preheat the oven to your usual pie temperature.

Roll out the pastry and cut it into circles, making sure that you have an even number.

Put half the circles onto a lined baking tray and place a spoonful of curry on each, leaving a clear rim around the outside.

Add a dab of mango chutney.

Put one of the remaining circles on top of each pile of curry and chutney, stretching it a little if you need to to make it fit.
Seal the puffs around the edges, pierce with a fork, and brush with milk.

Now put them into the oven for about fifteen minutes.

Remove, pile onto a plate and serve, preferably with some kind of raita****.

*No, really, these things happen.

** Woe is me, now I have to use these too.

*** Make both, add some tiny tarts (watch this space) and have an entirely pie based afternoon tea!

**** Especially handy if your left-overs turn out not to make very good pies: sufficient dip will conceal all evils.

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