Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sandwich Pieday

I've been a horribly negligent blogger this week I'm afraid, perhaps because the inability to post pictures has been a trifle* frustrating, perhaps just because I've also been horribly tired.
Fear not, dear reader**, as I will soon have a new and exciting post or two for your ravenous delectation.
There will be dinosaurs, there will be literacy, there will be more muttering about workbooks and my musings on home-education groups.
But, in the meantime, there is Pieday.

This is a vegetarian version of the recipe, it's also often made with fish and frequently features olives.
You can pretty much vary the ingredients as you see fit, I like this version because it's delicious *** and because with a little forethought and the right kind of garden it can be almost entirely home-produced: grow the vegetables, pummel the pesto, make the bread, and assemble it all.

Pain Bagnat (Sandwich Pie)


One loaf of decent, unsliced, bread
Two aubergines
Two peppers
Two courgettes
Some pesto
A few Basil leaves
A little olive oil

Slice the vegetables, removing any bits you would commonly remove.
Turn on the oven, drizzle some olive oil in an oven dish (or two if they're small) throw in the vegetables, drizzle on some more oil and throw the dish in the oven.

Check the vegetables occasionally to make sure they aren't burning.
Add some more oil or move them around a little if they are.

When they're done (squishy, browning and generally roasted looking) take them out and leave them to cool a bit.

Meanwhile cut the top off the loaf of bread and pull out most of the inside, either saving it for bread crumbs or offering it to the kids in the guise of an unorthodox, and therefore delicious, snack.
You basically want to make a shell of bread for your sandwichey piey creation.

Take some of the cooling vegetables and spread them around the bottom of the loaf, dribble on a few drips of pesto and add a couple of basil leaves.
Add some more vegetables and carry on layering the vegetables with the pesto and basil.

Put the lid back on, wrap it tightly in foil and leave it for a few hours or (preferably) overnight.

Slice, serve, and watch people try to get the pieces into their mouths with some semblance of dignity.

*Coming soon: trifle.
As soon as I can figure out how it counts as pie.

**I'm sure I have one.

***And, you know, vegetarian.

****And see Bake Your Lawn for an even more home-grown version.

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