Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pox Stops Play

Or not, actually.
This was going to be a post about caterpillars, or reading, or learning Italian, or maybe just a book review, however, Ellie’s gone down with chickenpox and it’s got me thinking.
 This is probably not going to be a great week: she’ll have to miss her playgroup, two ballet classes and a conservation group she’s been looking forward to ever since she missed the last one.
 So this week she’ll probably be doing what any schooled child would be: sulking around the house, trying not to scratch, and missing her friends.
On the upside: she won’t be missing any of the school-type things we do everyday, if she doesn’t feel up to doing her workbooks they can wait till she’s feeling better, her caterpillars (I promise, I’ll tell you about them next time) are right here on the mantelpiece where she can see them any time she wants, because we don’t have a timetable nothing important need pass her by.
Hopefully by next week we’ll all be back to normal, in the meantime if anyone has any bright ideas for poorly-girl activities to keep her cheerful then please post them, educational or not, in the comments below.

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