Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pink Stinks

Growing up as an only child, I didn't really know what to expect with a little girl, but on my first outing to Mothercare I dicovered the entirety of girls fashion could be summed up as

pink flower princess kitty unicorn hearts

But it didn't stop there, in this modern enlightened time, boys and girls can have kitchens, dust pan and brush sets, learning clocks, building blocks & remote control cars. All come in boys & girls versions, pink & other.

It's driven me nuts, the thing is I'm not even against pink, but everything in society is telling my daughters they have to like pink and thats the "girl" colour, We've tried our hardest to limit the pink, by telling grandparents not to buy it but when they want to buy something it's almost impossible for them not to.

She also has to wear pink for her ballet uniform but one of the best things about that is she aspires to be like the big girls who get to wear the blue uniform!

I'm glad to say I'm not the only person this drives nuts and there's a few organisations out there that standing up for a girls right not to HAVE to wear pink or have pink, well everything, so have a look and lend some support if you can.

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