Monday, 16 September 2013

The Local Education Authority Visit

*cue the Dark Lords march*

We were very scared about this, even though we had invited them to visit, the WYHEC boards are full of horror stories from Leeds, now we're in Wakefield but we still spent the sometime tidying, ensuring that no washing was left out (in case they decided that it was a sign of neglect and called in social services)

When they arrived it was slightly stiff at first, they asked us why we wanted to home educate, and we explained because we can't afford private school, and what she's done so far, after a few minutes it became obvious they weren't out to put a stop to this horrific home educating and were actually really helpful.

They told us that we can make use of the local Schools Library Service and put us in touch with the local School music service as well to look at getting some cheap musical tuition for Ellie.

Ellie helped immensely by sitting in a corner and just reading one of her library books the entire time. The book was in the same series one of the visitors much old daughter was reading (....bloody Rainbow Fairies)

So a good visit overall and they've already sent us the information they promised so, so far I'm really impressed with Wakefields Home Ed team.

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