Tuesday, 26 March 2013

February Update

..yes I know it's almost the end of March

Amelia has posted alot about the Viking project so I won't go into any great detail, but to say it was a very fun project. She loved the field trips to the Viking festival.

Looking at Eleanor's progress, I'm still very impressed with her reading progression, she's now sitting down and reading to her sister, and when my folks visited for Dad's birthday she sat down and read the whole of the Gingerbread man

Her maths is also coming on but much slower, but it is improving, considering how much she's taken to Reading Eggs, we'll sign her up to Maths Eggs when it is released.

For Science / Nature, The weather has really limited our ability to get out, shes set up a spring table and is growing a sunflower but we've not really done much else in the last month. Amelia has used the Viking project to discuss basic navigation by the stars , but I feel this is something we need to work on next month.

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