Sunday, 10 June 2012


Our butterflies have flown.
 Only three of them made it in the end, the other two never emerging from their cocoons.
Since the weather has been so damp and dismal we had to keep them in for a few days, and feed them on pieces of squashy fruit and flowers with drips of "nectar" on.
 As soon as we got some warm weather, though they were off.

 Hopefully they'll survive the cold nights and rainy days which seemed to start again as soon as the last one had flown.

 But our house isn't butterflyless yet.

We made "stained glass" pictures to brighten up the windows.

We made big and small butterflies by cutting out butterfly prints*

And we put a big butterfly with six pipe-cleaner legs on the wall to finish our life cycle chart

Technically the project might be over, but I suspect we'll find a little more to do yet.

*take paper, add paint, fold in half, squash flat, open: butterfly.

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