Saturday, 29 October 2011

Keen with a side of keen

(Originally posted by Amelia)
So we’re home educating our daughters.
Home education seems, from what I’ve seen so far, to fit into one of three categories; unschooling, where you just let the kids get on with it on the assumption that children actually want to learn and will, given the chance, happily educate themselves; homeschooling, where you effectively take a classroom approach in your own home; and something in between.
This last is the course we intend to take: directing their studies, but giving them plenty of room to decide, for example, that they’d like to spend a couple of months studying seismology, say, or that actually, they’d rather learn Mandarin than Italian.
Being ridiculously eager, my mind is naturally awash with ideas for long and short-term studies, reading schemes, timetables (maths and English in the mornings, grand multi-disciplinary projects in the afternoons), and excursions.
I’ve signed up to a local home-ed group and we’re collecting educational resources from all manner of sources.
I’m particularly enamoured of a Doctor Who game (going up on Monday: ) on the BBC website which is accompanied by three teachers’ resource packs on the Gunpowder Plot.
None of this is particularly important at the moment however, given that Ellie is only two and three quarters*, and Phoebe, at less than one month, has yet to learn that her fingers are not a viable source of nourishment.
Structured lesson plans are clearly not a priority at the moment.
This doesn’t mean we can’t teach our kids though.
*See? She’s learning fractions already!

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